Axel Daison

“I will be the victor!”

—Axel Daison

Axel Daison is one of the major secondary characters of the anime, Dragon Tamers!: First Hand. He is one of Suna Makiyato's fiercest rivals, and has been a loner for most of his life. 

First Appearance (Anime) Dragon Tamers!: First Hand Episode 62
Appears in Dragon Tamers!: First Hand
Age 16 (Dragon Tamers!: First Hand)
Team Global Duelists; Blazing Triumverant
Duel Cards Destroyer, Scither, & Nightmare
  • Destroyer
  • Scither
  • Nightmare
  • Prism Daison (Sister)




Dragon Tamers!: First HandEdit



Battle RecordEdit

Duel Academy Tournament Arc (Season 2)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Diamond & Guru 68-70 Win
Weevil Hitzokawa 79-80 Win
Mamasita Jones 87 Win
Cray 90 Win
Timothy 92 Win
Basoon Yatsaburi 96 Lose
Suna Makiyato 98-99 Lose
Zane Trueman 102 Lose

Sacred Beast Cards Arc (Season 3)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Tim Jolteon 116 Lose
Maldo 122 Win
Barthez Battllion 142-143 Win

Battle Frontier Arc (Season 4)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Fashoki & Blood (tag w/Zane) 167-168 Win
Jonan 178 Win
Dark Chazz Princeton (tag w/Basoon) 193-194 Lose

World Championships Arc (Season 5)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Blaster Tyson 213-214 Win
Zane Trueman 221 Lose
Talon Vavkla 238 Lose
Basura & Cain (tag w/Weevil) 244 Win
Talon Vavkla 248 Win
Chazz Princeton 249-250 Lose
Zucco 257 Win
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